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Philosophy and Bloggery

The debaters are professionals, representing curiously consanguine divisions of the large corporation, yet the argument is over one of the more basic questions of life: Is the reward worth the risk?

Abandon ship (No one can escape)

That’s not how they’re framing the question though. Instead it was a conflict of perspective. Lost opportunity versus bad opportunity. Weirdly enough, the debate gave me a bit of an insight into personal branding.

I made the decision to gather my internet identity because when I was trying to explain to clients that I was a great technologist, they’d come back and say, “Well how come Google has never heard of you?”

So now I own my name on the results page.  Personal Branding, Voila.  And now I’ve made this deal with Google, and people can and do find me.  But how do I keep this relationship positive for me?

Well, the obvious one is that I post more.  I can’t make that great an impression if my posts are years stale.  And I need to come up with some interesting content, but that’s hard.  They say you should write what you know, but my admittedly confusing selling point is that I don’t know anything, but really good at figuring things out.

But my 17-year-old cousin scolded me about saying that my blog is awful.  Apparently, while it may not get updated often, and it may not always be about the most exciting topics, it does sound like me.

Which is oddly satisfying.  Maybe I’ve got a voice after all.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Yes, well, I’ve always thought your voice was distinctly recognizable, anonymous or not :).

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