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A whisper of change

I had thought I’d get the habit of writing here going, as a soft-launch, before I started talking about “More Serious Things(tm),” but I’m now a victim of soft-reality.

The nature of my world and work is that sometimes reality is malleable.  Think of me as a spy, without the cool.  I know things that everybody knows.  I know things that only some people know.  I know things that nobody knows.

Unlike most people, some of the “Things that only some people know” are covered by legally binding agreements of non-disclosure.  (Though in my experience, most of the time that just seems to translate into, “Well I’ll just tell you”)   But in any case, as a result, there are times where I’m in a very different place than I appear to be.

I’m mostly talking about the professional sense here, though it’s happened in my personal life too.  Multiple realities, overlapping and me having to pick which one I belong to, moment by moment.

Which is a big fancy way of saying that there’s news coming, but I can’t talk about it much yet, because there is an order to how the news has to be delivered.  The right people have to be told and until that point, the old reality has to appear to be in place.

So I’m excited about the new year.  I’m sad about the old year ending, because of the number and weight of the endings that it brought.  But next year is going to be so very different.

I’m hoping to make writing here a regular part of that, we’ll see how it plays out.   But the goal for the short term is not less than two posts and 500 words a week.  Feel free to call me on that.  (Assuming anybody ever notices I’m writing here).

It’s New Year’s Eve.  May your New Year be full of hope and joy and love and peace and good things.

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