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i can haz BOOK!!

I don’t actually know how this happened, but I appear to be the first person checking in with Lisa having gotten a bit of mail today.


It’s screwy.  I never get mail this fast.  I got the shipment notice on Friday.  We don’t even have mail on the weekend.  Saturday pickup is all.


But today, I got home, and the phone rang as I opened the door, and it was Lisa saying hi. And I had this box waiting for me.


And it’s the book.  It’s THE BOOK!!



Now I have to go wipe my eyes.

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  1. Lisa Mantchev says

    What’s the appropriate reaction? Something calm and classy and collected? Or just AAAAAAAAAH?!?!?!?!

  2. ReaderGirl Reviews says

    AHHHH! lol that works well! 😉 I’m so happy for you! And “Eep!” they are so darn pretty! Congrats sweety! *hugs*

  3. ej says


  4. Rachelle says

    Very, very cool. Very!!

  5. Emily Ruth says


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