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Why the book had to die

It occurred to me that I have a blog.  Go figure.  And when I came to look at it, it was in the middle of something.  How embarrassing.  But I’m here.  A little.

First, the thing that wasn’t ready, previously, well, it’s done, public, old news.  But I went back and looked, and it may suck that I killed a book, but the result is still cool.  Go visit the callboard at the Théâtre Illuminata, and check out Chapter 1.

I barely had to do anything, but the flash widget is just fun.  For some reason, just clicking on the pages and waving them around is strangely thrilling.

Other than that, life kinda goes.  I’ve just started a children’s guitar lesson podcast.  I wonder if children’s guitars hurt less, because my fingers were raw, the day after.

DSC_3489Another creative project I’m trying to start working on suffers from a serious predation problem.  But still, I’ve been trying to sort gummy bears.  I finally had to tie the bags and move them to make me stop snacking.

MMm…  gummys.

We’ll see just where it goes.  And how much survives my snacking to become art.  And if my dignity can stand deliberately doing art.  I’m a little traumatized there.  Fortunately gummy bears taste very therapeutic.  Want one?

Anyway…  I’ve remembered that I have this thing.  I guess that means I have to try to use it.  And yet I’m still not sure of my voice here.  So here’s a placeholder.

Oh!  Yeah!  My dear friend Pam, from Facing East Again, came by to visit.  She and her kids and I traipsed till our little feeties were sore.  But I’ve got some good pictures.  Eventually.

Gotta work. Ciao!

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  1. Pam says

    I never know what to call you in the blog, because you freak out a lot.


  2. ej says

    I discovered gummy bears when we lived in Germany and was delighted when I realized they were available in the states. Until I tasted them. Not the same at all. Oh well.
    And, um, did you say up there that deliberately making art traumatizes you or did I read that wrong because it’s 4:25 a.m. and my eyes are (ha!) gummy?

    • Sunil says

      Yes, I specifically did say that making Art traumatizes me. It’s an identity thing going back to childhood. Didn’t have much of a regard for art in school. I was going to be a scientist, doing meaningful things rather than gluing things to bits of wood and creating a hazard in when on display in the school hallways.

  3. Passionista says

    I was trying to figure out what those were! Yum I love gummy bears. I’m glad to see you are doing so many creative and delicious things.

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