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Reorganizations are just part of the landscape for a consultant.  Birds migrate, bees buzz and clients reorganize.  As an auxiliary to the client’s team, sometimes we help, but mostly we just ride out the chaos doing the good work that made the client want or need us in the first place. Eventually reality will stabilize, the new initiatives start and people move on.  Sometimes it’s the people we’re working with.  Sometimes it’s us.

Picture of an icy winter road

Sometimes there’s no new project.

I got to face the end of the road recently which got me looking at the general state of employability and realized that despite a lot of accomplishments to be proud of, I’ve seriously neglected my professional profile.  There are all these little things that I can do to either cement skills in my head or just provide supporting evidence that I really know the things I claim to know.

One of those things is this blog.  I’ve been utterly paralyzed writing here because I have no idea what this blog is about.  The main objective was to just claim my own name which I did by registering the domain.  Beyond that, I post here more as a last resort than anything else.

The “job-hunting” lens suddenly gives me a focus.  I don’t use “The Facebooks”, so if someone is going to search for me, this is my public face.  Which gives me a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate that I am not an idiot.  I don’t expect a prospective employer to read a lot, but talking about some of my projects and experiments is a chance to show the breadth of my interests and the depth of my skills.

The marketing implications are kind of funny, because on the one hand, the only people who read this now are the sporadic family member or friend looking me up on a whim.  We can call that the 80% case.  The rest of the time will be that highly focused “Who is this guy?” search-and-sift and there is clearly work to be done.

So, new, clear focus:  This is my semi-professional blog and I’ll have to find another place to whine about existential angst and baking.  (Actually, I may keep the baking here, real estate people suggest smell helps make a place feel more inviting.)

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